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These are the reasons why Hosemasters’ franchisees are happier than the others:

Built to last as a genuine onsite service company

An integral focus on the highest quality training systems to produce successful franchisees

A tried and true business, lasting the test of time of twenty-five years in the business

The Others

On the other hand, our competitors:

Speed over quality

Owned by manufacturers, franchisees designed to sell the manufacturers product

Corporate focused, driving their bottom-line, not build a lasting franchise for you

For us to succeed, you must succeed.

Hosemasters™ Franchise System

The Hosemasters™ franchising system is world renowned for its pre-eminence in the onsite service market. Through a rigorous selection process for our franchisees; and the fusion of world class training systems and leading innovations in the technology field Hosemasters™ franchisees are a dominant force in any market they service. We have proudly earned our title of “The World’s Best One-Person Corporation”, which is the core of our franchising philosophy. Hosemasters™ draws resources to support our franchisees from a team of specialists in administration, accounts, information technology, training and operations, so our franchisees can bypass the tedium of running a business and can get down to the critical work which makes them more money.

To find out more about how you can get involved in Hosemasters™ exclusive franchising system click below:

Hosemasters™ System Training
  • Hosemasters™ Philosophy, Techniques and Methods
  • Business & Operations
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Product Requisition
  • Information Technology
Vehicle Setup
  • Vehicle Requisition
  • Modifications to Vehicle
  • Tool Requisition
  • Sign-Writing
  • Start-up Stock Levels
Technical Training
  • Hosemasters™ Universal Part Number System™
  • Comprehensive Operational Training
  • Servicing Policies and Procedures
  • Product Selection
  • Health & Safety
Territory Setup
  • Territory Analysis
  • Cross-Pollination Between Territories for High-Yield Customers
  • Brand Promotion
  • Neurone™ Setup & Training
  • Business Plan & Market Outreach


Cleanaway is Australia’s leading waste management, recycling and industrial services company.

Hamersley Iron – Rio Tinto

Hamersley Iron – Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto is a British-Australian multinational and one of the worlds largest metals and mining corporations.


Our Product Philosophy: Our continued dedication to our craft reduces your cost immediately and over-time.
Internationally Compliant

Hosemasters™ exclusively sells the highest standard products, in compliance with international standards ISO 9001, ISO/TS 17165-2, ISO 1436, ISO 3862, ISO 3949; and other standards such as SAE, EN and AS/NZS.
Exceptional Quality

Hosemasters™ has critically accessed the quality of the products provided by hundreds of suppliers over the last 25 years to safeguard Hosemasters™ reputation for only supplying superior quality products to our customers.
Professionally Serviced

Hosemasters™ Onsite Service owner/operators are trained by international leaders in the field, which produces the highest calibre workmanship in servicing you. Our service philosophy is simple, the greater expertise of our operators the more they can reduce your cost.
Periodically Examined

All Hosemasters™ product is periodically examined to ensure the best operating performance available. Through periodical examination and analysis of the service factors we immensely increase the life-span of our products, ultimately reducing the cost for you.

I have been in operation as Franchisee of Hosemasters Canning Vale since April 2004. I am a qualified Plant Mechanic and have 12 years of experience as a hydraulic fitter.

Adrian SmithOwner/Operator of Hosemasters Canningvale

I own and operate the Hosemasters Franchise in Redcliffe. Buying a Hosemasters Franchise has given me the opportunity to build up an excellent and valuable business asset.

Dave HowatOwner/Operator of Hosemasters Redcliffe

I have over 30 years’ experience in equipment maintenance, servicing and fault finding. I'm a qualified fitter and machinist and have worked in the mining industry and in general industry covering both fixed plant and mobile equipment hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Darrell PattersonOwner/Operator of Hosemasters Bayswater

Your ultimate result from business will always reflect the character of the leaders and managers who create the environment of your company.

Hosemasters™ has been built on a principle of testing everything comprehensively and exhaustively before attempting to sell it – and this includes the franchise system itself. End-users, franchisees and suppliers alike have discovered that this a method which produces the greatest result.

We designed and refined the Hosemasters™ system with a pure focus of producing the greatest one-person franchise in the world. This meant innovating all areas of the business so they can be accessible to all franchisees.

I started in a service vehicle, assembling hoses and servicing customers and with that experience started I embarked on this 25-year journey of creating a world renowned business with the grit of a small business and the scale of a multi-national corporation.

The common factor for success I have found in all my experience of franchising is that you must educate your brand, your marketplace, your employees and most importantly your franchisees. The role of the franchisor is to never stop educating, and to drive regular people like me to do extraordinary things.

Kelly D. Ritchie

Founder and Managing Director of Hosemasters Pty Ltd

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