In a demanding, specialised, dangerous market, Hosemasters was the first safe high pressure hose and fittings service company in Australia.
In addition, Hosemasters High Pressure:
  • Was the first supplier of Spir Star product in Australia
  • Was and probably still is the only company trained by Spir Star to assemble the Spir Star hoses in Australia
  • Was the first company to bring in high pressure water blast hoses and fittings and distribute them to the Australian market
  • Was the first company in Australia to do high pressure water-blast testing
  • Was the first provider of high pressure hoses and fittings to support the Australian Water Blast Association
  • Worked with the Standards Australia Board to develop high pressure water blast standards in Australia
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About Hosemasters High Pressure

Hosemasters® High Pressure has been an integral part of the Hosemasters business for over 25 years. We started in the high pressure market in its formative years, and supported in the development of the existing high pressure standard in Australia. This extensive experience in the field has placed us in the position as an industry leader, and from this position we are dedicated to having the highest standard in delivering high-pressure products to our customers.

How We Add Value

Hosemasters® High Pressure over the years has developed a comprehensive high-pressure management system where hoses will be tested on a regular cycle to fulfill safe operation and maintenance requirements in accordance to AS/NZS 4233.1. By doing this we mitigate your contingent liability and reduce your down-time.

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What We Supply

Hosemasters® High Pressure division thermoplastic high pressure hoses have been used successfully for projects from all across Australia. Areas of application are e.g.:

  • Offshore hose bundles
  • Methanol service on platforms
  • Chemical injections at the wellbore
  • Hydraulic component control
  • High-Pressure and High-Temperature applications (HP/HT)
  • Hydrogen fueling systems

Certified Quality of High-pressure Hoses

Thermoplastic high-pressure hoses from Hosemasters High Pressure meet demanding requirements in terms of quality, durability and reliability. Of course, all high-pressure hoses can be delivered with test certificates according to DIN EN10204.3.1. This includes the following test results:

  • Change-in-length under pressure
  • Burst pressure
  • Leakage test
  • Dimensional check test

Hosemasters will gladly send you information about these and other tests.

Waterblast Hose and Waterblast Technology

For water-blast industry, provides hoses with 2-, 4-, 6- and 8 layers tested at working pressure ratings of up to 3,200 bar.
The top sellers in this area include the following types of hoses:

  • 5mmUHP Inner hose diameter 4.5mm Working pressure rating 3,200 bar 46,400 psi
  • 6mmUHP Inner hose diameter 5.8mm Working pressure rating 3,200 bar 46,400 psi
  • 8mmUHP Inner hose diameter 7.6mm Working pressure rating 3,200 bar 46,400 psi
  • 13/2WR Inner hose diameter 12.8 mm Working pressure rating 1,040 bar 15,080 psi

Multiple Applications of Water-blasting Hoses

Long Service Life – The Water-blast Hose DuraLlife Flex®

Ultra-High-Pressure – The Water-blast Hose for Maximum Pressure

Hose assemblies made by Hosemasters® High Pressure are used e.g. for sewer cleaning, pipe cleaning and cleaning of shell and tube heat exchangers, water-jet cutting, concrete refurbishment as well as for surface cleaning of any kind. For these complex and demanding tasks, its product range provides a wide selection of hose types and special hose fittings.

The approved and tested DuraLife Flex® high-tech hose is the ideal hose to use in pipe cleaning applications. Its special manufacturing process greatly reduces abrasion of the cover, thus increasing the service life of the hose assembly.

The hose types of the UHP®-Series (Ultra-High-Pressure) are used up to 3,200 bar. High-pressure combined with a maximum flow rate ensures a fast and optimum cleaning result.

For more information and technical information call Simon Liew on:
Office: 1800 681 711
Mobile: +61 411 648 912