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What truly separates Hosemasters™ from the pack is our self-awareness of our position in the market. When you call a Hosemaster™ the questions asked are NOT “how many feet of hose do you need”, or “what’s the manufacturers part number”, they ARE “What type of machinery is the hose installed in”, “What are the threads”, “What is the timing of the hose”, “Is time pressed, can we come right now”. We’re experts, all of the technical problems are our problems, not yours. Our position in the market is a problem-solver, where no matter what your fluid conveying problems are we will not stop until we have found you a solution.

At Hosemasters™ we source product directly from the manufacturer, both domestically and internationally. Our product list totals more than 17,000 individual line items, and from this list we know no matter what the scenario we can get the job done. Through our international reach we are able to compete at the highest level, and when coupled with our expertise in the field we stand to challenge any competitor.
When you work with Hosemasters™ we bring 25 years in business worth of experience to the workbench, and you know you are being served by the best. There is no middle ground for us, we’re not here to be anything other than the greatest.
We are in form and function a company with the grit of a small business and the scale of a multi-national corporation.

High Pressure

World’s best high pressure hose & fittings service.


We'll find a compatible solution to your problem.


Regardless the thread, we will find the right solution for your systems.


No matter the problem, we will adapt to get the job done.

Hose Assembly

Design to specification - always.

Hosemasters™ is known for being able to find a solution to any fluid conveying product you might need then and there.
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